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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
I always search for CSS tutorials on the internet. Some of them are really helpful and some really hard to understand. I made a list of articles that I recently studied and found really helpful to a newbie.
  1. CSS tips and tricks
  2. Announcements of new CSS specifications
  3. Five Principles to Website Design
  4. Freitag
  5. Rounded Corners
  6. Rounded Corners without images
  7. Creating a Netflix style star ratings
  8. Tableless forms
  9. Usability Tips for Ecommerce Web Design
  10. Styling Lists with CSS
  11. 2 Column Layout Technique
  12. 3 Column Layout with CSS
  13. 3 Column Fixed width centered layout
  14. Printing with CSS
  15. Adding a CSS stylesheet to an RSS feed
  16. Footer Stick
  17. CSS Element Hover Effect
  18. Styling Horizontal Rules
  19. Clearing Floats
  20. CSS Popups
  21. Box Punch
  22. CSS Badge
  23. Orange RSS Buttons with pure CSS
  24. 10 CSS Tricks you may not know
  25. 10 More CSS Tricks you may not know
  26. Spiffy Corners - Rounded corners without images or script
  27. More rounded corners with CSS

Other cool tips and tutorials

  1. Ten CSS tricks you may not know - from Evolt
  2. A list apart - the greatest of all!
  3. Complete layout techniques and tutorials - from MaxDesign
  4. 12 useful CSS templates - easy to understand
  5. CSS template gallery - Awesome collection of CSS template
  6. Advanced CSS layout - Step by step guide
  7. Businesslogs' 5 CSS Tips
  8. Creating a Style-Guide for your siteDroppyale's cool list of CSS tips
  9. Turning a list into a navigation bar
  10. How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup
  11. A CSS styled table
  12. Generating Dynamic CSS with PHP
  13. A CSS Framework
  14. Avoiding classitis
  15. Architecting CSS
  16. Creating a Star Rater using CSS
  17. Introducing the CSS3 Multi-Column Module
  18. In search of the One True Layout
  19. One clean HTML markup, many layouts
  20. PHP + CSS Dynamic Text Replacement (P+C DTR)
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