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Web Site Usability Checklist
Thursday, March 1, 2007
Web Site Usability Checklist 1.0

Site Structure:

· Does everything in the site contribute to the purpose of the site?
· Is the overall site structure confusing, vague, or seemingly endless?
· Is the overall site structure capable of being grasped?
· Does it have definite boundaries or does it seem endless?
· Does the user have some feedback about where he is in the site?
· Is the site too cluttered (information overload) or too barren (information underload)?
· Is the most important content displayed in a more PROMINENT manner?
· Are the more frequently used functions more PROMINENT on the site?
· Does the site use technologies that lend themselves to the web (such as graphics, sound, motion, video, or other new technology)?
· Does the site use advanced technologies only in manner that enhances the purpose of the site?
. Does the site have too many useless bells and whistles?)
· Is the site so aesthetic (or comedic, etc) that it distracts from the overall site purpose?
· Is it clear to the novice how to move within the site?
· Is the site so narrow and deep that the user has to keep clicking through to find something, and gets lost?
· Is the site so broad and shallow that the user has to keep scrolling to find something?
· From the viewpoint of the user, is the site full of trivial content or vital content?
· Is the overall purpose of the site muddy or clear?
Usual purposes:
1) to exchange money for a product or service or
2) educate about someone or something.
· Does the site use words, abbreviations, or terms that would be unfamiliar to a novice user?
· Does part of the site establish the creditability, trustworthiness, or honesty of the owners when necessary?
· Does the site allow for suggestions and feedback from the users?
· Does the site allow for the users to communicate with each other via chat rooms or internal newsgroups thus creating a sense of community?
· Is the text easy to read?
· Does the font style contribute to the purpose of the site without losing readability?
· Is there sufficient contrast between the text and the background?
· Is there too much contrast between the text and the background?
· Are the characters too small? Too large? Does the novice know how to change their size for easier reading?

· Do the colors enhance the user's experience while not sacrificing text legibility?
· Do the graphics contribute to the overall purpose of the site or distract from it?
· Do the images load quickly or does the user have to wait impatiently?
· Is it hard to locate a target item, causing the user to lose patience and leave?
· For a large-content site, is there an internal search engine?
· Does the user have to go through too many steps to accomplish a task? (buying, joining, registering)?
· Does an expert user have options that allow them higher speed?
· Does the site designed using generally accepted human factors principles? (feedback, transfer of training, natural mapping, movement compatibility, cultural compatibility, logical compatibility, etc.)
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